Monday, May 08, 2006

New Contributor

Hello All,

Grenadine Girl here. You may know me from my other blog The Crafty Girl is a Happy Girl. Anyhoo Warren has asked me to contribute from time to time with updates of stuff that's going on around the store and with fellow Marin Fiber Arts knitters and the like.

Considering that MFA is my second home, I think I'll have a lot to say about it. It's amazing how much the store has grown. Our first Knit night meetings were in Warren's living room!

Have you been in the store lately? Warren's sellable stash (aka W.S.S.) has been multiplying. He got in some variegated colors of Takhi Classic Cotton, some variegated colors of Cascade Sierra (the cotton/wool version of 220), and some lace weight yarn in the yummiest colors. There are also some new pattern books from Jo Sharp, Takhi and GGH.

If you haven't visited in a while, stop by on Thursday nights for the free knit night. The San Rafael Farmer's market makes parking a little difficult, but it's well worth the effort. Not only can you get the freshed local produce, flowers and international treats, but you can pet yarn.

Marin Fiber Arts is the Cheers of local yarn shops. It's the place where everyone knows your name and they're always glad you came.

Stop on by...

Grenadine Girl

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