Thursday, May 25, 2006

Did you say sale?

In case you didn't receive the newsletter, let it be known that there's a sale goin' on at the store.

Print out a copy of the newsletter to receive 10% any non-sale yarn in the store.

Rowan Big Wool is 40% off (Rowan is discontinuing some colors) Check out some of the stuff I'm making. Big wool is super soft, 100% merino. It's bulky, but there are so many beatiful patterns to make. Take advantage of the sale!

Some Blue Sky yarns are discounted, as well as Cascade 220 SUPERWASH. Rose-Kim Knits just made a pair of socks with the cascade superwash. Warren has some very beautiful heathered colors on sale. There's much more on sale, you've got to get to the store to see it all.

See you there!

Grenadine Girl

1 comment:

Maya Knits said...

LOVE the sale. I am intoxicated by the Big, fluffy, enticing wool that has seduced my inner 'product knitter'. I just want to FINISH a sweater this year! is that a crime?
Better get it while it's still hot... and on the shelf! Rowan Big Wool, and the books, have been leaving the store in record numbers every day.
I admit it, I have a temporary obssesion, (we'll call it an 'affair') with this Big yarn. I am blissfully guilty for buying many projects worth of is so far plus a book, selling many sweaters-to-be, more books, and will be buying a few more sweaters, bags-to-be, and perhaps another book...)

I realize some of you are facing important moral issues; after all, they are rather large balls of yarn, and take up a lot of room prior to being knit with. You may ask yourself: 'where do I hide the new yarn, and how do I sneak it in...?' . With prices reduced 20-40% off, I think many knitters may suddenly find a way. I know I did. You could also begin your project in the near-to-coming home future; by the time anyone at home notices any sign of 'new yarn', you'll have a sweater, hat, bag instead.
If you want to know what I bought, just read all my rants and raves on my new blog.... I promise I am not favoring Rowan, I am just going thru a phase....