Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Incoming: Lorna's

The nice folks at Lorna's Laces were kind enough to heed my pleas ("haalp! I'm low on sock yarn!") and send me some goodies that were sitting on their shelf. I'm expecting a small shipment of yarn on Friday. Not sure what's in the box (UPS says it's a 7 pounder). I'm guess it's a mixed bag of sock yarn, a mixed bag of Shepherd Sport, maybe a bag of sock yarn in Tahoe, and who knows what else. Stop by the store this weekend to find out what I got!


ps: I also placed a sizeable order of Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Worsted and Angel, along with a small sampling of Grace (boucle), Shepherd Sport, and Fisherman). It should arrive in eight weeks. Oh the pain.

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