Saturday, January 27, 2007


We had an amazing turnout for knit night last week, including several newbies and the return of some oldtimers who have been MIA.

Sue works on her lovely blue sweater

Patricia showcases her handknit socks--adorable

Angela wears a gorgeous hat of her own design

Allison puts the finishing touches on a baby blanket by knitting on a fabric border

Everyone hug Lisa, she had a tough week

Emily sews handles onto a cute knitted purse

Jen works feverishly on a baby blanket

Tiffany is making some lovely handwarmers

Liz is working on an amazing shawl made out of Boise


Concentrating hard

We had so many folks we were spread out all over the place

This is supposed to be an action shot--can you tell whose fingers are flying more furiously?

Emily holds up FO.

Again, welcome newbies and returning oldtimers alike. Hope to see you all next week. Happy knitting.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

TNNA Update

Hi folks,

Long time no blog. Sorry about that! In order to redeem myself, allow me to blab about my adventures last weekend at the National Needlework Association's trade show for yarn stores, held in sunny but chilly (argh) San Diego. My first time in San Diego and it's chilly. Go figure.

First off: TNNA is sharing the convention center with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Fortunately they were waaay on the other side of the building. Those perfectly-put-together women had me a little frightened. Too many diamonds - or maybe they were swarovsky crystals?

Secondly, the personality highlights. TNNA is always fun because you get to meet someone (usually multiple someones) cool or funny or bizarre. I was fortunate enough to meet Norah Gaughan, author of the amazing book Knitting Nature. I've been a fan of hers since the early 90s. Brilliant knitwear designer. She was lovely - and giggled a lot. I then stole a fleeting glimpse of knitting legend Kaffe Fasset, master of color and geometric patterning. He walked by the Fiesta Yarns booth while I was sitting down discussing my order. Obviously in a hurry, HE LOOKED AT ME. Can you stand it? Yay! I feel special. I of course spent lots of time sitting down with Kirstin Muench, owner of Muench Yarns and the superest duperest person in the yarn world. While discussing the new offerings from GGH (which her company distributes), the one and only Nicky Epstein (designer/author/teacher/speaker) interrupted our conversation briefly and politely. To apologize for the interruption (which was maybe 10 seconds long), NICKY EPSTEIN HUGGED ME. OMG. How can I stand it?? After recovering gracefully, I was later introduced to Vicky Howell, host of Knitty Gritty on the DIY channel. She was at the SWTC booth promoting her new yarns (um, her face is on the label. what gives?). She was very nice but had to run off to join her friends. Meanwhile, in the Interweave Press booth (the people at Interweave are SO NICE), I glimpsed Lily Chin. She looked at me - and then looked away. She probably could sense I was not a big crochet fan. So shoot me!

Thirdly, here's some scoop about what's coming for the store... boatloads of stuff from Muench/GGH, including a beautiful 100% silk plus a lofty, yummy cotton blend that feels like a Debbie Bliss-style cashmere blend but is not. Two hand-dyed yarns are coming from Fiesta... a new sock yarn made from alpaca and tencel, plus perennial favorite La Boheme (a mohair/rayon multi-strand yarn that's been around a long time). New for me from Claudia Handpainted Yarn comes their laceweight 100% silk... 1100 yards on a skein! Amazing stuff. Speaking of laceweight, you can expect a 2 ply cashmere/silk blend from Jade Sapphire and Zephyr from Fiddlesticks Knitting, a great silk and wool blend that's a favorite among lace knitters. I'm very excited about the lace-weight additions to my inventory. I'm also adding the popular sock yarn from Mountain Colors called Bearfoot, a bunch of fun little accessories from Lantern Moon including the coolest-ever dp sock needles, bags & totes from Timeless Totes and Namaste', and a beautiful selection of hemp yarn from Hemp For Knitting,

Last but not least is a small yarn company worth lusting over: the Fibre Company in Maine. They specialize in hand-dyed luxurious super-soft natural fiber blends that make you pee in your pants. The colors are mostly-solids (no multis) in extremely rich, subtle hues. Upon first examination the yarns may not look so special - but once you spend time with them, caress them, stare deeply in to their eyes, you will fall in love. It is inevitable. You will be assimilated. The yarns I'm bringing in are Terra, a blend of merino, baby alpaca and silk (kettle dyed) with the look of handspun, and the most ultimate yarn on the planet, Road to China. Get a load of its heritage: 65% baby alpaca, 10% cashmere, 10% camel, 10% soy, 5% yak. It is TDF (to die for).

More later...

ps: I almost forgot to mention... I brought back sample skeins of many of the yarns mentioned above! Pay us a visit at Knit Night tomorrow night (Thursday) for a first-hand glimpse!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Pre-Knit Night (Jan. 11) - A Belated Post

Last Thurs. before knit night even began, I was fortunate enough to spend a little extra time knitting and chatting with Warren and Suzanne.

Warren holds up a gorgeous wrap he designed.

It's just nummy -- the textures and colors blend beautifully.

Suzanne bundles up to brave the cold, sporting a lovely handmade scarf.

Hope to see everyone this week bundled up in their handknit finery!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Knit Night Redux :-)

I am happy to report that the first knit night of 2007 was a veritable knit-a-palooza. It could have been the wine shots, or the highly tasty cheese, but most likely it was because it was such a relief to get back to a wonderful group of friends, fibers, and more fibers.

Patricia snapped up this gorgeous sage laceweight merino. Lovely.

Gorgeous Boise FO--scarf and hat set. Simply beautiful.

Scarf detail.


Angela demonstrates knitting in cartoon style.

Lisa concentrates on her gorgeous red baby sweater.

Patricia shows us a bit of her gorgeous sweater from the Muench yarn trunk show.

Warren was swatching some gorgeous sock yarns.

This one had angora and felt like butter when swatched.

Inventory shenanigans?

We also had a new knitter swing by who hadn't picked up the sticks in 20 years! By the end of the evening she was happily knitting away.

Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful knitting start to the new year! See you next week.