Saturday, January 27, 2007


We had an amazing turnout for knit night last week, including several newbies and the return of some oldtimers who have been MIA.

Sue works on her lovely blue sweater

Patricia showcases her handknit socks--adorable

Angela wears a gorgeous hat of her own design

Allison puts the finishing touches on a baby blanket by knitting on a fabric border

Everyone hug Lisa, she had a tough week

Emily sews handles onto a cute knitted purse

Jen works feverishly on a baby blanket

Tiffany is making some lovely handwarmers

Liz is working on an amazing shawl made out of Boise


Concentrating hard

We had so many folks we were spread out all over the place

This is supposed to be an action shot--can you tell whose fingers are flying more furiously?

Emily holds up FO.

Again, welcome newbies and returning oldtimers alike. Hope to see you all next week. Happy knitting.

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