Friday, January 05, 2007

Knit Night Redux :-)

I am happy to report that the first knit night of 2007 was a veritable knit-a-palooza. It could have been the wine shots, or the highly tasty cheese, but most likely it was because it was such a relief to get back to a wonderful group of friends, fibers, and more fibers.

Patricia snapped up this gorgeous sage laceweight merino. Lovely.

Gorgeous Boise FO--scarf and hat set. Simply beautiful.

Scarf detail.


Angela demonstrates knitting in cartoon style.

Lisa concentrates on her gorgeous red baby sweater.

Patricia shows us a bit of her gorgeous sweater from the Muench yarn trunk show.

Warren was swatching some gorgeous sock yarns.

This one had angora and felt like butter when swatched.

Inventory shenanigans?

We also had a new knitter swing by who hadn't picked up the sticks in 20 years! By the end of the evening she was happily knitting away.

Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful knitting start to the new year! See you next week.


Vegan Knitting said...

It wasn't me who switched around the colors - it looks wonderful!

I'm so sorry I missed the first night of the year. I have to say that my schedule was totally of this week and I forgot it was Thursday. Oops!

badmommy said...

I was sorry to miss too! Shenanigans? Or just a little boredom by the end of inventory week? :-)