Thursday, November 30, 2006

Knit Night: A Review

Thank you, Warren, for inviting me to contribute to your blog. This is a much appreciated honor.

I freely admit that I am often not at a loss for words, but tonight at Knit Night at Marin Fiber Arts, I was at a loss more than normal.

First, Judy showed off her new weaving project with was done with...(wait for it)....sock yarn. Austermann Step in color 08 (which in case you don't have the color number translation in front of you is a delicious combination of grey, off white, and rosey pinks -- Yes, I have my skein, why do you ask?). Warren has the resulting woven scarf in the shop for a limited time (I will remember my camera next week to take photos -- please forgive me for lack of photos).

Next, Renee showed off these socks -- well, in the interest of full disclosure there was a complete sock and about half of the second sock. It is a pattern from Cool Socks, Warm Feet and a tweed sock yarn (also in stock, Warren reminded me). The pattern has a rib that twists arou the foot and ankle (complete with a garter stitch heel). It made the self striping yarn appear to be entraloc without the extra ends to weave in. Yes, it took my breath away and I had to sit down before I fainted.

Our own, 'Kiwi' was working on an entraloc scarf and again -- I was speechless. Now, mind you watching her weave in the ends made me a little happy it wasn't me, because we ALL know that I'd be forced to felt it and clip lest I go nuts with the darning needle. However, for both Kiwi's and her gift receipt's sake, I'm not knitting this one -- so it will be both outstanding AND done in time. She has talent for such things.

I also witnessed our Vegan Knitter making a gift with baby alpaca yarn. She was, as always, was trying new skills with two mittens on two circs at the same time. I'm seriously impressed as she worked through how to keep the two balls straight, fought the floppy needles, and even came up with a quick reason for the two different types of needles on the fly. I think by the end, she was feeling rather confident with the skills. Hey, it is something I haven't tried yet.

Me? I was working on the never ending Christmas sock. I have a mere 12 days to finish sock one and get sock 2 done. Yes, I'm feeling the pressure. And yes, I'm over the grayness of it all.

And in case you've missed the e-mails, let's review the happenings of Marin Fiber Arts.
  1. Jo Sharp Trunk Show. Awesome sweaters to see and 15% off Jo Sharp Yarns during the show!!!
  2. Stash for Cash. Donate a pound of yarn, get $5 in credit for the store. See Warren for details.
  3. Anniversary Sale. There is a sliding scale of savings. Spend a little, Save a Little. Spend Alot, Save alot.
  4. Wall of Savings. There are even sale yarns!!
  5. Bring a Friend. Introduce someone new to MFA and get a $25 class AND some Soak (which is the BEST wool wash I've ever tried.)
So, I promise in my future updates, I'll have some photos. So, what did I miss while I was K2P2ing on my grey sock??


RevKnit said...

Hey Queen, thanks for noticing the socks (like you didn't want to rip them out of my hands). The second sock is now done, I'll bring in for Warren to take a photo so they'll be immortalized for, well, as least this winter!

Vegan Knitting said...

Unfortunately, I had to give up the two items on two circs with cable needles thing as there were too many new things to do at once. I switched to one mitt at a time on two circs and they came out fabulously!