Tuesday, November 07, 2006

First Knitting Retreat a Smashing Success

I'd like to thank everyone who attended our first Knitting Retreat in San Anselmo - a great time was had by all! There was much food, drink, and of course playing with yarn!

One of our attendees, Meredith, has given me permission to post a link to her online album of pictures taken at the event. I've snagged a few of them to post here as well. Enjoy!

Hmm... maybe this is Hogwarts?

The Victorian house in which we stayed. Do we have to leave??

A sampling of the yarn provided by Unicorn/Lana Grossa... what a lineup!

Can you have yarn for breakfast? Certainly!

Sittin' on a Victorian porch knittin' with friends... paradise, anyone?

After walking the seminary's labyrinth, we paused for photo ops. Cheese!

Ok, these weren't knit with Lana Grossa yarn, but who cares when they're THIS cute!

As promised, here is a link to the full photo album:

Retreat Photo Gallery

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Denise said...

ah, nothing like a fine knitting harem to spend your days with :D

Miss ya!!