Friday, September 30, 2005

I stained the floor.

This evening I stained the floor.

I couldn't wait any longer. Too many delays. Too much angst. Enough is enough! So the floor isn't spotless like it was before the construction workers got inside. I didn't care any more! I needed to make progress! I got there at 6 pm... no chance of an HVAC repair person stomping on wet stain. It took me an hour to apply the first coat. Tomorrow morning I will apply a second coat and we shall see what happens. Too tired to write more... tomorrow I will have pictures and more details on How To Stain a Concrete Floor.

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Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful!! And it's really not really beige!! I haven't seen a photo of you in years. You look wonderful and happy and right in that space. It was a good choice.
I hope this works. It's my second try. I'm such a Luddite....