Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blue Sticky Tape

Spent the morning prepping a little for the big painting party on Sunday. Used a lot of blue painter's tape, going up and down the ladder, taping the ceiling where it meets the walls.

Apparently no one worked at all on Friday: the space was exactly as I left it on Thursday. Sprinkler head still drips, two electrical outlets missing. I am honestly amazed at how the construction industry works (or should I say leisurely works). Apparently deadlines are meaningless. Glad I don't work in that industry... I would be constantly firing everyone.

As luck would have it, the contractors left behind a ladder, so I will happily use that for painting tomorrow.

Looks like my painting team will consist of 6 people plus myself - some in the morning only, some in the afternoon, and at least one all day. I will have two teams of people, each assigned one of long walls. One person will cut in while the other(s) follows behind with the roller. The primer is tinted to the color of the paint, so I just *might* be able to get by with one coat primer + 1 coat paint, plus a little touch up here and there. We'll see.


HoJo said...

I know exactly what you mean. The incredible lack of urgency amongst contractors is amazing. But it sounds like you are making progress and now its up to you! I'm still waiting on windows, doors, and walls. Maybe next week. Sorry I can't come up and help paint, I've got a baseball tournament, but I'll be thinking of you. Put up some pictures, please.

robin said...

can you believe i "insulted" a contractor the other day by implying that his job was to drive around all day?

but isn't it?

i like your blog, and wish you the utmost success in your venture.

heyspinner said...

Warren, I'm from Southern California but stumbled upon your blog. I love your enthusiasm and I've enjoyed reading about your progress and wish you all the best with your new venture. I've got my fingers crossed for an Oct. 1st opening.