Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Yarn update: JCA ordered

Today I met with the final yarn rep on my agenda, Steve. He represents the JCA lines of yarn (which include: Jo Sharp, Vittadini, Reynolds, Artful Yarns, and Scheepjeswol). He also reps some smaller lines (including a high-end hand dyed company, needles/notions, and buttons), as well as needlepoint supplies.

Steve was a hoot. He's a true salesman, and unlike every other yarn rep I've met - he does not knit or do any crafts! Says he has no interest. All he does is sell his products, and he does a very good job. No pressure and a very nice guy at that. However, I was disappointed that he only had color cards with him. Every other rep also brings in bags and bags (or suitcases and suitcases) filled with balls of yarn - one ball for each yarn they sell. I like being able to pick up and feel the ball of yarn - you can only judge so much by staring at a two inch snippet of yarn.

At any rate, I already knew exactly what I wanted, so I didn't need to be seduced by plump, fluffy, furry balls of yarn.

I ordered a bunch of Jo Sharp (silk road in various weights), two of Artful Yarn's most popular (Broadway and Portrait), and two Adrienne Vittadini yarns (Trina, a wonderful merino/cashmere blend and Paloma, a baby alpaca & wool boucle). As before, I choose fewer yarns in order to get _all_ the colors of each yarn. I passed on some wonderful 100% cashmere because it's sooo pricey. Hopefully I can order that soon after I open... once some money starts rolling in.

Steve also showed me a really wonderful new kind of circular knitting needle from Colonial: the cord is made out of some kind of black resin tubing, so it's extremely pliable and flexible - it won't kink. The joins are extremely smooth, too, with gold-colored metal caps covering the join. The needles will be available in both bamboo and rosewood, but will not be available for several months. I put in an order for a full range of the bamboo needles. I like 'em.

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