Saturday, June 25, 2005

Rowan and Crystal Palace are in

Met with another yarn rep today in order to get sock yarn, Ann Norling patterns, and books. She's also the rep for Crystal Palace, Rowan, Jaeger, Colinette, Mission Falls, and Lana Grossa. It was decided that I need at least a smidgen of Crystal Palace and Rowan. She's very persuasive. I ordered a small selection of frou-frou furry stuff from Crystal Palace. For Rowan I decided to concentrate solely on their chunky fall yarns - Big Wool, Biggy Print, Bill Wool Tuft, etc. They have a new pattern book coming out that features 5 of their chunky yarns. I'm bringing in all five yarns in a variety of popular colors. My reasoning is simple: I can present a cohesive, attractive, and complete display by focusing on one subcategory of Rowan yarns. As time goes on I will increase the Rowan selection; this is all I could afford for now.

This strategy is in keeping with my idea for store design: instead of organizing the yarn by color (gasp), fiber, or gauge, I'm going to organize it by company. I'll have a Rowan department, a GGH department, a Blue Sky Alpacas department, and so on. This way I can merchandise the yarn, the samples, and the patterns all together.

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