Friday, April 13, 2007

Knit Night 4/12

The Farmer's Market didn't scare everyone away this week. Thankfully the courtyard band was quiet enough for us to enjoy our knitting. No Rolling Stones cover this week. Though they did play Stevie Ray Vaughn. Should have seen that coming. I'm betting that next week it will be Fleetwood Mac. Does anyone want to put any money on that?

Warren and Sue have rearranged the store. Just by moving arround some bookcases and pushing back the sales counter they have magically made the store look bigger and more full of yarn. It looks great and feels like there's more space.

On to the knitters.

Tabby's working on a gorgeous shawl too, and she has the cutest stitch markers for sale. I bought a set. Support your local artist.

Patricia wove in the ends of her Boise Shawl so she could "get Tabby off her butt".
It's a beautiful shawl, but we were all amazed by the Claudia Handpainted Boucle Mohair shawl she was wearing.

What a nice coincidence that Warren just got some in for us to drool over. I couldn't help myself. I bought a skein to make the Manta Shawl from Yarn Play.

Lisa's working on a shawl made with Lorna's Laces Helen Lace. It's beautiful. And of course the colorway is Vera, which is what I think that Lisa will eventually name her first child. Either that or Lorna.

Judy and Renee were here, discussing social justice and Easter.

I was knitting with the Schaeffer Anne, that yummy superwash sock yarn with a hint of mohair. Check out the Go Bag in the background. Warren just got a bunch in. It's a very useful thing. It keeps my sock project from getting messed up in my purse. Snap one up before they're all gone.

Leslie is working on blanket with the Blue Sky dyed cotton. Love the stitch pattern even if she claims there's tons of mistakes!

Patricia's friend Barb was here, knitting with something handpainted. It looks sweet!

Warren as always happy to see us.

And the magic candle, in Warren's favorite color.

see you next week (if I'm not in LA)
Grenadine Girl

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Vegan Knitting said...

So sorry I missed it! And I won't be there next week either, as I'll be in Kentucky!

I can't wait to start a shawl and be shawlin' it up with the rest of you next time I'm there. In the meantime, I'll be working on Dulaan hats on our cross-country drive.