Sunday, April 01, 2007

Knit Night 3/29

The last quiet knit night until fall was itself a soothing, quiet affair.

Warren's linen shawl detail--can't wait to see once it's been washed and dried!

Patricia models the shawl.

And shows us her finished Swallow-charus or Ichatail ;-)

Detail of Patricia's FO.

Tabby sports her Boise wrap--she's trying to shame us all into finishing.

She's working on a lovely shawl--feather and fan.

Patricia shows her Boise progress--4 balls down, 2 to go.

Emily shows off her illusion scarf.

Love it! So cute.

Judy works on her Icarus.

Who's hiding behind that gorgeous blanket?

Hi, Liz. She says it is taking approximately 15 minutes per row, and it's totally worth it.

Happy knitting!

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