Friday, October 14, 2005

Weekly roundup

So, what happened this week? Lots of stickering. Continued working on the computer system. Bought a Mac Mini the other day - the last missing piece of the POS (Point Of Sale) system. I still don't have the wireless network up and running, but so far so good. I had some trouble getting barcodes to print with the new computer, but got that worked out. Whew. At least the inventory system is up and running on the new machine.

Phone system and DSL is all fine and dandy.

We started putting yarn on the shelves today! I will upload pictures later this weekend. Very exciting times.

Last night was the first Knit Night at the store! Yay. Angela, Sue, and Adrienne arrived promptly and we drank much wine and ate much Poppycock. We discovered that the lighting needs some work. Certain colors turn wretched in the existing lighting - a gold sock turned pukey green. Eeek! No worries, I think I'll have the problem licked once I implement my low-budget lighting scheme. Gonna work on that this weekend. I'll be spending LOTS of time at IKEA!

Received my Crystal Palace shipment. Yarns included: Kid Merino, Kid Merino Print, Squiggle, Fizz, Fizz Stardust, and Musique.

I got a little frustrated with one of the yarn companies (who shall remain nameless): I was trying to 'receive' a shipment into my inventory system but found it almost impossible to do because all they enclosed with the yarn was a packing list which did not list prices. Argh! So far, only one company has it down right: Muench. Here is what they do right:

1. Offer a wide range of both basic yarns and novelty yarns.
2. Many of their yarns come in a vast array of colors.
3. Very few of their yarns are scratchy - most are extremely soft.
4. Offer a yarn line (GGH) with great pattern support (Rebecca Magazine).
5. Price list is clear and easy to understand.
6. They ship quickly and backorders are filled in a timely fashion.
7. UPS notifications are emailed immediately after a shipment goes out - you KNOW when something is coming and can track it.
8. Customer service is prompt and very helpful.

In other words, I have no complaints about Muench. After today's annoyances with the packing slip, I decided to make a phone call to release my frustrations. Barbara who was sitting _right there_ thought I was going to complain to the Nameles Company about the missing prices. Instead (and to her delight) I called Muench to thank them for doing everything right.

Much to my surprise owner Kirsten Muench answered the phone! We had a wonnnnderful talk about everything. She promised to loan me sample garments for the grand opening, posters, and maybe even door prizes. She also promised to visit me - after all, their offices are fifteen minutes away in Petaluma.

This week I also received my order of Knit For Her Cure kits, which are provided by Muench Yarns. I am _so_ exited. The kits contain yarn and patterns for scarves, hats and blankets. They are beautiful!! I hope to have a Knit For Her Cure charity event sometime in November to benefit gynecological cancer research. You can read about Knit For Her Cure here. I'll write more about the event later and my plans firm up.


Cyndi said...

Hi from another NorCal knitblogger! I've been following along with your store opening progress on your blog - sounds like things are going great for you thusfar. Will you be carrying all of the Muench yarns? I have a hard time finding a lot of them locally, particularly Davos, which they use in a lot of the Rebecca patterns.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOO proud of you.

Warren said...


Yes, I will be carrying Davos - 18 colors to start. It will be impossible to carry all Muench/GGH yarns because there are so many, but I aim to be a major stockist, so I will have lots.

stacyo said...

A new yarn store in my 'hood. Wow. I'm so excited. I just found your blog from an ad you placed on Knitty.

Can't wait for the opening. I'll be there with bells on. Congrats. The store looks great already. Just wait until those bins are filled with my obsession.

Lisa Pascale said...

Warren -

Thanks for getting involved with Knit for a Cure! I almosted cried when I read your blog. Last Thursday night a dear family friend passed from Cancer. I know she'll look down on your shop when you sponser your event.


- Lisa

P.S. let me know that mailing address and offical opening date ASAP :-)

KB said...


It looks SOOOOO good! I'm so happy for you! Yay for MFA! Yay for yarn!

Denise said...

Wait...Warren...drinking WINE...?!