Saturday, October 22, 2005

I am on Sabbatical until Tuesday

By the time 4 pm rolled around on Friday, my left eyelid was fused shut. It wouldn't open. My speech was starting to slur. Walking became shuffling. Getting up from a sitting position required herculean effort.

I. Was. Tired.

Therefore I am officially on sabbatical until Tuesday. No yarn store. No work. All I'm gonna do is sit, eat, cook, watch the sunrise and sunset, maybe hike a little, maybe knit a little. Read. Hang out at cafes and bookstores. Watch some TV. Chill.

See you all on Tuesday!


Debra said...

Ok Warren,

On this blog you MUST upload a map and some directions. I know you are in San Rafael... but after that??

All I can find in San Rafael is the center where they hold Marin NeedleArts... and Dharma Trading...

heyspinner said...

Your store looks awesome -- totally organized, inviting and colorful. You and your helpers did a beautiful job of putting it all together. Be sure to have lots of samples knitted out of the yarns you are selling. A visual of what the yarn looks like knit up goes a long, long way to sell your wares. Best of luck to you!!

Anonymous said...

WHEN??? when i ask will this wonderful store be open????

Anonymous said...

ohhh i see Oct. 25!