Sunday, August 21, 2005

"A pretty yarn store is merely pretty..."

Construction continues... as of a few days ago, they were starting work on the electrical system, and a bunch of metal straps hung from the ceiling (my guess is to either hold up the HVAC conduits or the framework for the suspended ceiling).

In the past few weeks I've been 'checking out' other new yarn stores in the area. One thing that strikes me about almost all new shops is the amount of money people are spending on interiors! Custom built-in cabinetry, wood floors, high-end furniture, the works.

After thinking long and hard about my finances, I've decided to be very stingy on the interior of my store. I'm going with what the landlord is providing at no cost: basic electrical, sheetrock, suspended ceiling, standard fluorescent lights, and concrete floor. I will be staining & sealing the floor myself, as well as painting the walls. I will do my best to make it as warm and inviting as possible by spending the least amount of money possible. Hopefully by carefully choosing a color scheme for the walls and floor, combined with jute rugs and shelving/tables/chairs/fixtures from IKEA, I can come up with a good space. As time goes by, I can upgrade the lighting and a few other things.

What am I gaining from my stinginess? More yarn! A 'pretty' yarn store is merely pretty, while a great yarn store should be loaded with yarns, patterns, and NEEDLES! I promise everyone: I will not be stingy with knitting needles and notions! I currently have in my living room: Clover bamboo straights and circulars, Bryspun straights and circulars, Susan Bates Quicksilver straights and circulars, Brittany 5" double points (for all you sock knitters out there), and the Susan Bates colored plastic needles. Before I open I will be adding Bryspun 5" double points and 7" bamboo double points. As soon as I can afford it, I will add Addi Turbos and eventually Crystal Palace and Lantern Moon needles.

Meanwhile, soon I hope to upload pictures of two new sweaters: one is a new design of my own creation worked up in Cascade's silky soft Pima Tencel, and the other is a neck-down seamless pullover in GGH's Goa (a terrific bulky machine-washable cotton/microfiber acrylic blend).


Debra said...


Looking forward to hearing that your shop is open. I suspect that one of the first things you upgrade is your flooring. Concrete is hard to walk/stand on for any length of time.

But most other high-end acctrements are a waste of investment.

becky said...

I get the "start where you are" number, Warren, but PLEASE provide appropriate lighting for us. At least purchase color-corrected florescent bulbs. Yes, they're more expensive, but I think you'll appreciate the investment.
Glad you checked out the other stores. See what I meant?

Warren said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for the comments. Becky, I will make sure that lighting is good. One of my pet peeves is poor lighting in yarn stores. At the bare minimum I will install full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs.

Debra... yes, I am concerned with the hardness and coldness of concrete. Hopefully some strategically placed rugs will make the difference. Flooring is just *so* costly.