Thursday, August 11, 2005

OMG - Something is happening at the space!

Every Thursday evening I go down to the San Rafael Farmers Market, which takes up several blocks of downtown. I walk up and down, checking out the booths of fruits & veggies, prepared foods, and imported goods. Then I walk by the store to see if construction has started.

Today I found the wrought iron railing delimiting the patio area of my store rearranged and a pile of metal beams on the floor inside the space. Yay something is happening! Perhaps the permits have been issued! Now I will have to stop by every night to check out the progress.

Meanwhile, I am very busy working with the POS/Inventory management software, learning how to use Quickbooks, and also taking pictures of all the yarn (as illustrated at left). I've decided to put up an online store to try and sell some of the inventory in my living room, and I need pictures of everything I'm going to sell. A very time consuming task.

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