Saturday, June 02, 2007

Knit Night 5/31/07

It was a regular shawl-a-palooza and FO (finished object) fest at knit night last Thursday.

Patricia arrives early and is working on a gorgeous shawl.

Shawl detail.

Patricia also finished her clapotis (aka the clap) - love the colors!

Angela was here with her Icarus :-)

Judy poses by the fountain with her finished Icarus - not a mistake to be had

Judy's Icarus detail.

Judy spun this yarn herself - lovely!

Jo shows off her lovely pale blue shawl.

A lovely, spiraling scarf in pinks

Emily's working on a sock.

Renee is working on a sweater from "No Sheep for You"

Patricia wears one shawl whilst finishing another.

Hi, Leslie! Love the purple.

Hope to see everyone next week! And, don't forget that next Saturday is world wide knit in public day! Hope to see you in the courtyard in front of the store to knit up a storm :-)


Braizyn said...

Honest, I was REALLY happy about finishing the shawl...I can't imagine why I was frowning!


ms. crafty said...

I think you were just squinting in the sun, really! I think you were all smiles the rest of the night :-)

Joanne said...

Nice to see Patricia finding time to knit. She was always so busy taking care of us on the Sea Socks '07 cruise!