Thursday, May 03, 2007

They Came, They Saw, They Shopped!

MFA hosted the First Annual Sea Socks and Yarn Expedition Cruise on Tuesday this week. Some sixty knitters, led by our own beloved Queen, descended on the shop for four hours. It was a little wild, but in a good way. Everybody appeared to have a good time and a lot of sock yarn found new homes!

Thank you so much to all the knitters from all across the country who made it to San Rafael that day - it was wonderful to meet you all and to have you with us. We hope you'll visit us again!

Special thanks to Darlene Hayes, creator of Nature's Palette Yarns and Muench Yarns' Kirsten Muench. They brought yarn and patterns and samples and other goodies for all the Sea Sockers and spent the day sharing tips, new yarns and good cheer. Thanks, too, to Alison Hyde, whose book Wrapped in Comfort, is scheduled for release this summer. We got a chance to meet her, pre-order the book and see a number of her gorgeous shawls.

And of course a big shout out to the fabulous MFA regulars who spent the day helping out. There was NO WAY we could have handled the crowd (knitters are just so rowdy :-) without the excellent help of Elaine, Jo Ann, Marcia, Kimberley, Phoebe, Valerie, Judy, and of course the Queen. You all totally rock!

(There were people taking photos, but we haven't seen them yet. If it was you and you could email them to Warren - yarn (at) marinfiberarts (dot) com - we'd love to post them!)


AlisonH said...

You all were wonderful--thank you for letting us come! See you June 30.

Joanne said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful time at your shop. Everyone was great, and I managed to leave with a LOT of yarn! I've got pictures, and as soon as I resize them, I'll send them along.

Thank you again, everyone at Marin Fiber Arts, for being such kind hosts and hostesses.

ps... it was nice to meet Allison and I look forward to her book this summer.