Thursday, December 08, 2005

Yarn Spotlight: Linea Rossa

Recently I had the opportunity to tour the warehouse of Unicorn Books & Crafts, a major distributor of knitting & craft books (which happens to be located a mere 15 miles from my home). Unicorn also happens to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of Lana Grossa yarns. Since I was not previously familiar with Lana Grossa, I was excited about the prospect of learning about a "new" yarn company.

Apparently Lana Grossa is a major German yarn company which has only been available in the U.S. for approximately three years. They offer a wide range of yarns running from basics to foo-foo novelties. Lana Grossa also publishes a large number of pattern books per year, including a Kids issue and a Men's issue.

Lana Grossa this fall introduced a new line of yarns called 'Linea Rossa'. It's a premium line of three luxury yarns consisting of all natural fibers. Extra-fine Merino wool is used as the base fiber, which they blend with silk, baby alpaca, and cashmere to yield three splendid yarns.

I have added each of these yarns to the inventory in beautiful shades such as chocolate brown, baby blue, natural, wine, hot pink, and a rich deep aqua. In upcoming posts I will be writing more about each yarn as I swatch them up.

You can read a little more about Linea Rossa here.

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