Saturday, November 05, 2005

Grand Opening & Classes

Our Grand Opening celebration is on Sunday November 13th from 12 - 4 pm.

In preparation for the celebration, yesterday we received the trunk show from Muench/GGH. I was expecting perhaps half a dozen garments from the good folks up at Muench in Petaluma. Instead we got a bonanza. Kirsten Muench, the owner, called to inform me that her father, Mr. Muench, would be personally delivering TWENTY sweaters featuring GGH and Muench yarns! Yay!

The very sweet Mr. Muench hand-delivered two big boxes containing a treasure trove of goodies, including: a slinky sweater made out of Touch Me, several garments made out of Goa, Samoa, Aspen, and Davos (GGH's bread-and-butter yarns), two sweaters made out of heavenly Soft Kid, and an amazing dress made out of cuddly-soft Amelie. We now need to figure out how to display them all - and we haven't even gotten the trunk shows from Lorna's Laces and Blue Sky Alpacas yet! I hope they arrive in time for the Grand Opening.

Muench also generously provided us with door prizes in the form of yarn. I aim to whip up a handful of fabulous scarf kits to give away during the event.

We have also finalized our class schedule. I don't have it in front of me (I'm writing this from home), but (from memory) we are offering the following classes: Crash Course in Knitting (1 session), Crash Course in Crocheting (1 session), Beginner's Knitting (4 sessions), Holiday Scarves (1 session), My First Sweater (4 sessions - create a stylish yet simple vest in Lorna's Laces hand dyed Shepherd Worsted wool), and Kids Knitting (1 session for ages 8-12). The 4-session classes start in about two weeks. Space is available in all classes. Class size will be kept small to ensure individual attention.

For information about any of these events, call the store at 415.459.4600.


Anonymous said...

(As a former display trimmer...) I recommend hanging wood dowels (using heavy fish line) from the ceiling - maybe against a wall or two. You can use eye screws to tie the fish ine to the dowel & att. to your ceiling. Another alternative - use same wood dowels w. those fixtures you sit your curtain rods on (usually made of wood). Somehow figure how to secure the garments against (eeeks!) possible theft?! (Hate to even think that.) If hung low enough, admirers can still touch the samples. I dunno, are samples supposed to be able to travel freely and be tried on? Good luck, Terry in SF

Ivan Serice said...

I think it''s fucking gorgeous.